1 Nov 2014

Calendar 2014 November in Excel in Chinese

#26 Calendar 2014 November in Excel in Chinese

I made a new version (v13) of my Excel Calendar (see fig.1), which is almost the same as v12, but now with the month-calendar for November, and I also added Chinese day and month names. I don´t know anything about Chinese, except that it is a CJK-language and I thought that if I have Korean as a language in my Excel Calendar, I should also include Chinese as the most spoken language in the world. For more info about CJK-languages and special characters in MS Excel (Office), see my post with a calendar in Korean:


This month´s item is 'La carrera del niño 2014', a run organized by hospital Niño Jesus, to raise funds for investigation of severe diseases with childeren, like e.g. cancer. For more info see:


And if you find this calendar a bit boring, you can decorate it as you like, see fig.2 for an example of a 'kids-version'.

fig.1 2014-Calendar month Nov., in Chinese

fig.2 (photo of) Excel-Calendar, kids-version


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