4 Nov 2015

Month-calendar for November 2015 in Excel

#44 Month-calendar for November 2015 in Excel

In this post the new month-calendar for November 2015, see fig.1. The Excel also has the year-calendar for 2015 and a 2015-year-planner. Theme of this month is the Science Week, 'la Semana de la Ciencia', in Madrid (2/11-15/11), where universities etc. open their doors to the public, see:


Last year one of the activites of the Science Week was a guided walk in a garden with Bonsai-trees, for some photos I made, see:


And if your are interested in some science about data-visualization and the important role of Exel in this, as I have tried to show in several posts in this blog (with label: 'Data visualization'), see:


--fig.1: Nov. 2015 Calendar



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