2 Jan 2016

2016 Year calendar and planner in Excel

#49 2016 Year calendar and planner in Excel

In this post the new year calendar and planner for 2016 and the month-calendar for January, see fig.1-3. For the Spanish readers: the calendar includes all holidays in Madrid-capital, so it´s the 'calendario laboral 2016', see:


or this site, which also has a year-calender (in PDF):


My calendar also has the (ISO) week-numbers (week 1 is the week with the 1st Thursday of the year). And it is multi-language (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Chinese).
NB: For more about the Korean and Chinese variant, see earlier 'Calendar-posts' (see my blog-posts with tag/label 'Calendar' at the end of this post).

The graphic I used in this Excel, this time about the new year 2016, which is the year of the monkey in the Chinese horoscope, is from this site :


And for more info about the Monkey- (leap) year 2016, see:


Happy 2016!

fig.1 Month Calendar January 2016

fig.2: Year Calendar 2016


#Mirror 1: Google Drive (zip file with  Excel and PDF files):

#Mirror 2: Microsoft Onedrive (1 Excel file):
NB: this site has 'Excel-Online', so you can view my Excel-doc if you don´t have MS Excel on your PC


#Mirror 3: Scribd.com (1 PDF file):


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