2 Apr 2016

Month-calendar for April 2016 in Excel

#54 Month-calendar for April 2016 in Excel

In this post the new month-calendar for April, see fig.1. The Excel also has the year-calendar for 2016 and a 2016-year-planner. Event of this month is 'El Clasico', Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Sat. April 2, in the stadium of Barca, Nou Camp, in which there will be a 'remembrance-mosaic' with the Barca-shirt with number 14´, the number of Johan Cruyff, the Dutch legendary player and coach of this club, who died last March 24. Cruyff was besides for his football also famous for his oracle-like aphorisms, like "every disavantage has its advantage" and his logic like : I do not believe. In Spain  all 22 players make the sign of the cross before they enter the field, and if it would work, it would always be a draw." , see:


Fig.1: calendar April 2016

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