5 Jun 2016

Month-calendar for June 2016 in Excel

#56 Month-calendar for June 2016 in Excel

In this post the new month-calendar for June, see fig.1. The Excel also has the year-calendar for 2016 and a 2016-year-planner. Event of this month is UEFA Euro 2016 France, hold on 10/6 - 10/7. Unfortunately the Netherlands did not qualify, so this time I was not so motivated to make a new version of Match for this Eurocup, or a new Excel for an office-pool, like I did for last FIFA Worldcup. But of course you can do it by yourself, by adapting these 2 files (Access and Excel):



For a very nice Excel with a EURO 2016 tracker, which automatically calculates the points, who go to next round etc (by using formulas), see:


fig.1: Month calendar 201606



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