25 Feb 2018

Speed skating at Winter Olympics: Power BI Dashboard for all medals

#62 Speed skating at Winter Olympics: Power BI Dashboard for all medals

For the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang (South Korea), in Korean:
평창 동계 올림픽 

I made a Power BI dashboard for all medals won in the long track speed skating competitions, see fig.1 for the result

fig.1: Power BI Dashboard with medals/rankings for all speed skating competitions

NB: translations Dutch - English
- Massastart =  Mass start
- Ploegenachtervolging = Team pursuit

The datasource I used is:


NB: This is the Dutch version of this English page:

but I choose to use the Dutch page as the tables on this page (with medals-table and competition-results) where in a better format to import them in Power BI.

This datasource had a table with per competition a row with the athletes with rank 1, 2 and 3 (see the tables at the bottom of the dashboard), which with Power Query's M can be easily be unpivoted, so in 1 row per rank (needed to do the aggregations, leading to the tables and charts in the middle of the report).
For more info about (un)pivoting tables with rankings, see e.g.:


As you can see in the report, the Netherlands did very well again this Winter Games, and was #1 in medals-table for long track speed skating with16 medals in total. Besides that we won another 4  medals in short track speed skating, so we won 20 in total, see for all medal-winners:


Only in the previous Winter Games in Sochi the Netherlands did better.
For my post about these medals ( so in Sochi), see:


And for a nice chart with Dutch medal-scores at all the Winter Games, see:


As I told in my previous post about the 2018 Winter Games, see:


skating is a very popular sport in the Netherlands and we did send the max. allowed number of skaters to the Winter Games (20), more then any other country. So you could say that it is logically that we win the most medals in skating.  I read here:


and interesting article which ranked the Netherlands #2 (after Norway) using a special 'power rating', which not only looks at the medals won, but also to the ranking of the other (not medal-winners) athletes, the # of participating athletes etc.).

Well done #TeamNL !!


Mirror #1 (Google Drive):


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