9 Jan 2014

Calendar 2014 v2

#3  Calendar 2014 v2 - Profesional Edition

In my previous post I wrote about an Excel doc. I made:  Calendar 2014 (v1), with Spanish holidays ('calendario laboral'). It´s 'style' was quite basic, it was more or less a copy-paste of the output of a query on a date-table (T-SQL with pivot-command to rotate weekdays (from rows to columns)). In this post I write about a new version of Calendar 2014 (v2)  that I made, for which I tried to copy the style of my pocket-agenda (yes, I still use paper..), so Calendar 2014 v2 is a more profesional version than v1.

In this article I´ll explain an Excel-document (xlsx, version 2010) I made: Calendar 2014 v2 (Profesional Edition)

- At the end of this article you can find the URL where you can download the Excel-doc. (for free), and in mirror #3 there is also a PDF-version.
- the Excel-doc is bilingual (in Spanish and English, e.g. weekday 1: Lu.Mo, Lunes.Monday)

The Excel-doc has 2 versions of the calendar 2014:
* per week, see fig.1
* per quarter, see fig.2

The calendar has the holidays in Spain (Madrid) marked with ´#´and in red (for which I created a conditional formatting rule). If you don´t want to see these holidays, just delete the ´#´s in the date-cells. And if you want to replace the Spanish holidays by the ones of your country, just add the ´#´s in the date-cells.
And of course you can add other tags, e.g. add '@' to date-cells which correspond to your vacacions and add a corresponding conditional formatting rule.




* Mirror #1:

* Mirror #2:

* Mirror #3:


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