7 Jan 2014

Calendar 2014

#2  Calendar 2014/Calendario Laboral España Madrid

In my previous post I wrote about an Excel doc. I made to track your worked hours. Besides that, it also contained a calendar for 2014, with Spanish holidays ('calendario laboral') and a vacations-planner. In this post I write more about the calendar, for which I created a new Excel-doc, with some changes.

In this article I´ll explain an Excel-document (xlsx, version 2010) I made: Calendar 2014
- At the end of this article you can find the URL where you can download the Excel-doc. (for free)
- the Excel-doc is in Spanish, but in the Excel-doc of my 1st post you can see a translation in English of the most important Spanish terms.

The Excel-doc has 2 versions of the calendar 2014:

  • week  x weekday (52x7 matrix), see fig.1
  • quarter x month (4x3 matrix), see fig.2

Notation of dates in cells: month + day
Every month has a different color (I created 12 conditional formatting rules).




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