11 Feb 2014

Calendar 2014 v8 - with Moon-phases and Macro (VBA)

#10 Calendar 2014 v8 -with dates seasons and moon-phases and Macros (VBA)

I made a new version (v8) of my Excel Calendar, which is almost the same as v7, except it now includes the dates of the seasons (equinox, solstice) and moon-phases (new moon, full moon). These 'time events'  are reflected in some pictures in sheet-1 (Info), which are enabled or disabled depending on the actual date, or where you live, see fig.1, 2 for how the calendar looks like for some who lives north/south of the equator. To do this, I used macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Aplications, the basic language of Microsoft Office). That´s why the extension of the Excel now is xlsm (in stead of xlsx), which may cause a warning when you download it, but you can ignore that (so choose 'enable macros').
For more details on VBA, see e.g. :


fig.1: 11-2-2014: Summer in South

fig.2: 11-2-2014: Winter in North


* Mirror #1:

* Mirror #2:


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