9 Feb 2014

Results Speed Skating 5000 Men

#9  Results Speed Skating 5000 Men at Olympic Wintergames Sochi 2014

After the great success of the Dutchmen in Speed Skating 5000 Men at Olympic Wintergames Sochi 2014 (gold, silver and bronze), I decided to create an Excel with the result of the top 6. So I took the times of the 6 best skaters, and did´nt look at the times of their oppenents. And I took the top 6, because the skater who finally ended at rank 6 for some laps had the best (intermediate) time. The Excl shows how to make a X Y Scatter Chart (so for distance/time).
To make the calculations a bit more easier, I converted all lap-times to milli-seconds.
I made a comparison of the laptimes of the 6 best skaters and looked in more detail at the times of the winner, Sven Kramer, who improved the Olympic Record. Well done and congratulions Sven!

Note 10-2-214:
All the end-standings of this race, you can find at:


Today I found this website, where you can find all skate statistics, e.g. world-records, laptimes etc.:


And another nice (Dutch) site with actual information about skating, like the results at the Wintergames #Sochi2014:


Note 12-2-214:
Last night  I was searching for skate-statistics, and found this (from a Dutch newspaper): see fig.6
So in this diagram they take the lap-times 'to beat' (world-record at that time), from 1 skater (Koss) as a reference and show the differences from 2 other skaters (Romme and De Jong) with respect to these times, and you can see both beat the record, with Romme as the winner.
I did the same in my Excel: so I changed the last column of the table in fig.2 for
the lap-times of the winner (Kramer), see fig.7 for the result.

For the Dutch readers: a little manual how to make skate-statistics in Excel (in Dutch):

Note 13-2-214:
I made another chart to compare Sven Kramers new Olympic Record (OR) in Sochi with the old OR (of 2010, also of Kramer), see fig.8, which is in the same style of fig.7, with the OR of 2010 as a reference (x-axe).
Today I also looked at the statistics of a skating-tour 'Ijzeren Man' ('Iron Man') of 50 km which I made last year, in Vught, North Brabant, Netherlands, see:


and when I saw my average speed (15km/h) and max. speed, I thought it would be nice to add this also to the Excel, see fig.9  (the orange cells). As you can see, Kramer goes almost 50 km/h (so more then 3 times as fast as I went, although my race was outside and with old-style skates..).
And when I looked at the website of another skater:



it gave me the idea to add also a table and chart with the difference in speed in one lap and the previous lap , and use 'conditional formatting' to add the 'up' and 'down' arrows, so the indicate if the speed increased or decreased, see also fig.9.


fig.1: Times top 6

fig.2: Times top 6

fig.3: Times top 6

fig.4: Times top 6

fig.5: Times winner

fig.7 : Kramer vs rest top 6




* Mirror #1:

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