31 Jul 2014

Calendar 2014 v9: year/month/week-calendar in Excel

#19 Calendar 2014 v9: year/month/week-calendar in Excel

I made a new version (v9) of my Excel Calendar, which is almost the same as v8 (see post #10), only I added 2 sheets with a month and week-calendar (v8 only had a year-calendar), see fig.1 for a photo of this calendar (printed and sticked on blackboard).

fig.1: printed Excel calendar (year/month/week)

The month-calender I made from the year-calendar, by copy/paste a month of the year-calendar (a 7x6 table in sheet Calendar-2) to sheet tMonth.

fig.2: month-calendar (e.g. July 2014)

The week-calendar is a table with the hours (from 07:00 to 23:00, assuming the other hours you don´t have anything to do) and the 7 weekdays (so without dates) and per day it also has 5 'free fields' to note things which should be done that day but not at any specific time.

fig.3 week-calendar template

For the v9 calendar I also made 2 sub-versions:
- v.9a: Excel for Madrid capital (with local holidays)
- v.9b: Excel for everywhere else then Madrid-capital  (without local holidays)

Rember the Excel-calendar is multi-language (7 possible languages), just select in sheet-1 (Info) in cell A19 your language. In par. Downloads I included a Spanish version of v9a and an English version of v9b in PDF-format (I printed the Excel with a program that can print to PDF (so generate a PDF-file instead printing it on paper), e.g. CutePDF, see:



#Mirror 1 (Excel file)
NB: this site has MS Onedrive, which has 'Excel-Online', so you can view my Excel-calendar here if you don´t have MS Excel on your PC

- v9a:


#Mirror 2 (1 zip file with Excel and PDF files)


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