31 Jul 2014

Vacations planner in Excel

#20 Vacations planner in Excel

The Excel in this post is a vacations planner. It has all dates of 2014 and for every resource (team-member) you should mark with a number which date(s) he wants to take his vacation (by team-member) and if that is possible or not (by team-boss), like this:
 1: applied (yellow)
 2: aproved (green)
 3: refused (red)

Below you can see a small example of a company with 2 employers (John and Jane) which have to agree about their vacation-dates, in a way there is always at least 1 person at the office.

fig.1: on 3-2-2014 John and Jane wanted the same day off and Jane 'won'

fig.2: in August John and Jane both want to take a 2 week vacations, and there were no planning-conflicts

fig.3: On 31-12-2014 John and Jane both want to take a day off and they didn´t decide yet who can go


#Mirror 1:
NB: this site has MS Onedrive, which has 'Excel-Online', so you can view my Excel-calendar here if you don´t have MS Excel on your PC

#Mirror 2:

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