29 Dec 2014

Year calendar and planner 2015 and Month-calendar Jan.

#29 Year calendar and planner for 2015 and Month-calendar January in Excel and PDF

In this post the new year calendar and planner for 2015 and the month-calendar for January 2015, see fig.1-3. For the Spanish readers: the calendar includes all holidays (so it´s the 'calendario laboral 2015').
The graphic I used in this Excel, this time about the new year 2015, which is the year of the (green) sheep in the Chinese horoscope, is from this site with public domain cliparts:

Fig.1: 2015 year-planner

Fig.2: 2015 year-calendar

Fig.3: Jan. 2015 month-calendar


#Mirror 1 (PDF file):

 #Mirror 2 (Excel file):
NB: this site has MS Onedrive, which has 'Excel-Online', so you can view my Excel-files here if you don´t have MS Excel on your PC


#Mirror 3 (Excel and PDF file in 1 zip):



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