25 Jun 2015

Vacations planner for 2015 in Excel

#38 Vacations planner for 2015 in Excel

Note: I made a similiar Excel for 2014 (see post #20), but the 2015-version has some new features, like date-formulas, to calculate e.g. the weekday (in fig.1 these have the Spanish names, like Lu(nes) = Monday).

The Excel in this post is a vacations planner for 2015. It has all dates of 2015 and for every resource (team-member) you (team-manager) should mark with a number for the 'vacations request status' which date(s) he wants to take his vacation and if that is possible or not, like this:
 1: applied (yellow)
 2: aproved (green)
 3: refused (red)

In fig.1 you can see a small example of a company with 2 employers (John and Jane) which have to agree about their vacation-dates, in a way that there is always at least 1 person at the office. The last column 'Conflict' = 1 (red) if both Jane and John have a vacations-request (with status 1) for the same day.

And to conclude this post:
If you don´t have any plans yet for these summer holidays, maybe I have an idea for you, see sheet-1 of the Excel for a photo of my holidays-destination in 2011, Islas Cies, playa Rodas (Galicia - Espana),  which was elected that year by the readers of the newspaper 20minutos as the nicest beach of Spain, and this newspaper used one of my photos to show why, see:


 fig.1: Holidays-planner



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