2 Jul 2015

Month-calendar for July 2015 in Excel

#39 Month-calendar for July 2015 in Excel

In this post the new month-calendar for July 2015, see fig.1. The Excel also has the year-calendar for 2015 and a 2015-year-planner. Theme of this month is "(Free) Summer Courses by Open University Madrid (UDIMA)", aprox. 70 courses 'online' (with Google Hangout) during the whole month of July. The courses are about various themes, one of them is Business Administration, with a course about Excel: "Treatment of Accounting data with MS Excel. Pivot-tables and Power Pivot".  So the courses are free, online (type: Open Education), last about 1 hour, are in Spanish and had in 2014 over 10.000 'students' of about 56 countries (mainly Spanish-speaking). For more info about the UDIMA summer courses, see:





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